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About Stream™:

Stream™ is an evolution in lifestyle healthy drinks.

We deliver what others can’t; high quality, genuinely delicious and scientifically nutritious drinks that harness the power of natural plant extracts, vitamins and nutritional additives.

The unique Stream™ cap device houses the ingredients safely away from the elements, as most vitamins degrade within 24hrs when exposed to water and sunlight. A fresh dose of vitamins, plant nutrients and nutraceuticals are delivered into spring water, once the cap is activated by consumer. This ensures there is no deterioration in potency.

Stream™ is sugar free, preservative free and very low in calories.

Stream™ the company has won numerous awards internationally and locally for their drink range and Stream brand, and are currently looking at opportunities to grow the brand in South Africa and internationally.

The Stream™ Range includes:

  • Stream™ – Energize
  • Stream™ – Femme
  • Stream™ – Focus
  • Stream™ – Hydrate
  • Stream™- Vitality
  • Stream™ – Kids


What does that mean?

Well it means that Stream has carefully crafted a refreshing, tasty and beneficial drink that unlike many of its ‘competitors’, is sugar free, contains no harmful artificial sweeteners and has almost zero calories.

Each flavor in the Stream range contains its own unique blend of ingredients. These special blends are designed to give a lift when you need it most.


How it Works

Stream Drinks Cap

Our unique cap

Not just another beverage – an entirely new beverage category.
There’s a major problem with every vitamin and sports drink: When vitamins and supplements are added to liquid, they immediately begin losing their potency. And the longer the bottles sit around, the greater the potency reduction. But what if there was a way to maximize the potency of vitamins and supplements by adding them to liquid at the time of consumption? Well, after years of work, research, testing and re-testing, we’ve done exactly that!

We could bore you with complicated engineering, but we’ll keep it simple. The key to everything is our unique interactive cap. After years of R&D, we’ve engineered a cap with a sealed moisture-free chamber that houses the contents. Simply remove the tamper-proof seal, push the plunger, and the ingredients release into the liquid. For the first time, you can enjoy a beverage at its maximum potency and see the power being activated. You will love the interactivity and immediately sense the difference.

It makes the conventional drink seem old and tired, doesn’t it?

In short:

  • Delivers more potent beverages
  • Requires fewer preservatives
  • Offers sealed, fresh, ingredients
  • Fully adaptable to existing bottles
  • Eliminates the need for hot filling
  • Results in less plastic, lower costs
  • Provides clients with a unique interactive experience
  • Unlike anything else out there


About the Doc:

Dr James Laporta has developed a keen interest in various areas of medicine over and above his formal medical studies. The doc currently practices complementary medicine and has maintained a keen interest in current medical research and the promotion of complementary medicine.

The doc has been, and still is, currently involved in various NPO (Non-Profit Organisations) and community work. His desire to continuously learn and develop his knowledge and skills as a medical practitioner is central to Stream Drinks ethos and growth as a brand.



What differentiates Stream from the other so called ‘health’ drinks out there, is the fact that it was brainstormed, developed and perfected by our founders, one of whom just happens to be a doctor and a very clever guy.

Now, the doc had just finished up surfing, on a beautiful summers day in Cape Town and wanted a nice refreshing drink to quench his thirst but to his dismay, everything available to him contained all the bad things, that he as a doctor did not want to put into his body.

This left our intrepid surfing doc very thirsty but with a plan of action, to deliver a drink that is both thirst quenching and a healthy alternative to what’s currently available in stores.

The doc got to work. Drawing on his medical background, he began mixing and matching his widely sourced ingredients, into a great tasting, thirst quenching and beneficial drink. In fact the doc did such a great job, that Stream is now suitable and beneficial for all including Diabetics, Vegans and those with heart problems.

So, the doc has done all the hard work and now you are free to enjoy a refreshing Stream drink, guilt free in the knowledge that it contains no sugar, preservatives or all the other nasty things, that other drink manufacturers put into their drinks.

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