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This tropical flavoured Stream™ contains the perfect combination of plant extracts from Guarana and Ginseng, along with the complete set of 8 Vitamin B’s.
Enjoy the experience!



A burst of Lemon and Lime crammed with Co-Q10, Resveratrol, Ginseng, Vitamins A, B, C, E and a Pre-Biotic formula – Each ingredient acts in a unique way within your body, supporting a healthy lifestyle and giving you the edge. These vitamins assist in healthy bodily functions and the polyphenols are a source of anti-oxidants.
Enjoy your dose of daily vitality!



This replenishing Stream™ is infused with carefully selected electrolytes, zinc and a smooth Buchu and Blackcurrant flavouring. Specifically designed to be carbohydrate free while replacing any electrolytes that may be lost through sweating and increased daily activity.
A delicious hydration revelation!


Mixed Flavours

Consisting of equal amounts of these flavours:

  • Stream™ – Energize
  • Stream™ – Hydrate
  • Stream™- Vitality

Stream Drinks, which has recently launched in South Africa, has undergone rigorous testing to prove that it is one of the only vitamin waters on the international market that is genuinely jam packed with vitamins and phytonutrients as promised on the label. Label legislation has started following stringent laws to provide consumers with clarity and truthful information on all products. While information is still poorly regulated in South Africa in terms of label promises by many brands, Stream Drinks embarked on a testing process of their own to discover how much of what is promised to the consumer is actually delivered.

Stream Drinks sent several products that claimed to be enriched with vitamins, energy and rehydration supplements to an independent laboratory for a nutritional and vitamin content analysis. What they found was indeed interesting with almost every health drink, functional beverage, fruit juice and rehydration tonic containing around 30g of sugar per serving (400-500ml) which is equivalent to 6 – 7 full teaspoons of sugar. When sampling the “sugar-free” range, only very few could match a desirable taste profile, and most contained a plethora of controversial, potentially harmful non-nutritive sweeteners. Several of the well known “vitamin enriched water” brands contained minimal amounts of vitamins when purchased from the shelf, anywhere from 4x less vitamin content than what was illustrated on the label to ZERO trace of the vitamins!

Stream Drinks provides the alternative to these other products that promise much but do not always deliver, consumers have the right to know what they are purchasing. The unique cap technology that Stream Drinks uses allows the vitamins and nutrients to remain in powder form until released by the consumer into the mineral water. In this way, the powder is contained and once released through the cap, gives the consumers exactly what is promised on the label.

Stream Drinks was developed in conjunction with Dr. James Laporta who drew on his medical background, mixing and matching widely sourced ingredients into a thirst quenching, beneficial drink with a great taste making Stream suitable for Diabetics, Vegans and those with heart problems too.

How can Stream Drinks make such bold and sweeping statements? The proof is independent chemical laboratory analysis (Link to Lab Reports below) as Stream Drinks believes the consumers have the right to know.

Stream’s dream is to share the podium with other brands in a new generation of honest alternatives and truly healthy functional beverages. The label correlates with laboratory analysis of all activated Stream™ drinks. Stream Drinks welcomes questions and challenges as they forge the way forward to a healthier, more responsible lifestyle.



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